Sweet, Sassy, a litle bad-assy

9009 Kalmalka Road, Coldstream, BC  V1B 3C2


Website: www.shedevildelights.com
Email: heather@shedevildelights.com


she-devil - logo - 2015-03-25She Devil Delights produces chili based condiments made from okanagan grown organic produce. Our signature product, Hellish Relish, is a family recipe and is available in Original, Less Heat and Sugar Free varieties. This sweet and sassy condiment adds a little sweet heat to; your charcuterie board, mixed with tuna/egg/potato or salmon salad, mixed with mayo or peanut butter for a dipping sauce or added to your favourite burger, smokie or recipe to add a blast of flavour!

All of our products are naturally Gluten Free, Preservative/Additive Free, GMO Free, Vegan Friendly and made with 6 simple ingredients in our very own commercial kitchen.  She Devil Delights produces Hellish Relish in beautiful Coldstream, BC. We are available at over 200 retail locations across BC and AB. We do not operate a store front. We will be serving our Hellish Relish with local cream cheese and crackers. Most of our peppers are grown for us by Harker’s Organic in Cawston BC.