Because you CAN

Bernardin_Canada_LeafBernardin has been Canada’s trusted leader in mason jars, home canning products, custom creations, recipes and how to’s for over 100 years.

For 100 years, home canning has been a primary focus for Bernardin Ltd. It’s no wonder Bernardin continues to be Canada’s trusted leader in home canning products.

Home canning has always been the best way to preserve the natural goodness of our foods. Today home canning is even more attractive to Canadians because of their growing concern and interest in knowing the source of the food we eat. We see this thinking everyday in the healthy lifestyle concerns, organic produce, and the proliferation of farmers’ markets. It’s also evident in the popularity of the 100 mile diet and locally grown foods, the enhanced retail produce sections and the overwhelming popularity of home gardening.

At Bernardin, our goal is to provide you with the tools and expertise you’ll need to bring nature’s bounty to your table all year long. In dedicated laboratories, Bernardin specialists subject all its products and recipes to rigorous testing. From Mason jar design and thermal shock resistance, to sealing compounds and pectin performance, every safety aspect is investigated and monitored. Educational materials and recipes are tailored to Canadian standards and tastes. Even dietetic and allergy-related issues are factored in.

We understand that home canning is no longer a survival necessity, but a way of showing individual flare and creativity. Our range of products and recipes will help you create spreads that remind you of yesteryear, or exciting new taste combinations.