Dinner on the Bay

Open daily for dinner from 5:30pm and for breakfast from 7:30am until 11:00am.

849 Verdier Avenue, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada




Brentwood Bay Logo

Inspired by the inherent and intrinsic beauty of the Pacific North West, the Dining Room at Brentwood Bay stands unpretentious in its character.  Willing to be both timelessly classic and ingenious in our creative process, we are here, quite simply, to celebrate. Ever searching for the soul that is within each element of the dish, we draw these essences together to create something entirely new, yet entirely familiar. In the same breath that we celebrate the truest nature of our ingredients, we celebrate the beauty that comes from finding authenticity within ourselves. With care and attention to who you are, we strive to create the experience that will align with your desires. We will dazzle, if you choose to be dazzled. We will educate, should you wish to be educated. We will serve you silently with barely a whisper, should you choose to spend the evening simply indulging in the company of your dining partners. Come visit, we will be here.