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10216 Gould Avenue, Summerland, V0H 1Z8

(778) 516-8006


Dominion_Logo_Web_TransparentWe are a small-batch cidery. We make about 5,000 litres each season for bottles and kegs. Producing at this small scale means we can craft the highest quality cider, experiment with some interesting ingredients from our farm, and keep it fun.

We make one type of cider and we think we make it well. But no two batches are ever really the same. You’ll always find something slightly different. Changes in the weather and the apples causes natural variations in the flavour of the cider. It’s part of the fun and keeps things interesting.

Dominion Cider is a dry, English-style pub cider. It has a light golden colour with a lively effervescence in the glass. It has a distinctive, earthy apple aroma with a full-bodied mouth feel and subtle astringency from the blend of apple varietals in each batch.

It’s tasty after biking the Seawall in Vancouver, hiking up Giant’s Head here in Summerland, but we’ve found it’s especially delicious after a long day picking apples in the orchard.