We are a family owned and operated business.

We brew our kombucha in small batches and by hand.

Gnome croppedWe take our role in the care of the earth and all of its inhabitants seriously by choosing local, organic, and socially-conscious ingredients wherever and whenever possible. We also house the kombucha in glass throughout the brewing and the bottling, to avoid both plastic and unnecessary waste. We do this as much as we can.

We are constantly evolving, changing, creating. Our brewing facility is a veritable potions lab. We share these exciting new flavours and ideas through our blog (see tab marked “our blog”) and our Facebook page (click here to be directed). Please check back or subscribe for updates.

Our delicious, nutritious, fermented teas come in a variety of forms: soda bottles, meowlers, growlers, kegs… all of which are reusable and available at a variety of locations. Please visit the tab marked “come and find us if you can” for more information.