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Growing Chefs! engages children in learning where their food comes from through direct hands-on experience—getting their hands in the dirt, caring for growing plants, and harvesting and cooking their own vegetables. Our objective is to educate children about where their food comes from, how it is grown and the implications of their food choices. By connecting children with growers and chefs in their communities, we aim to create a more powerful relationship between youth and the food they eat, while building awareness about the importance of sustainable urban agriculture and promoting healthy, nutritious food choices through hands-on experience.

Growing Chefs! pairs teams of chef volunteers with elementary school classrooms to grow vegetables, do cooking lessons, and get the kids excited about eating healthy. On the chefs’ first visit, they help the students plant indoor windowsill gardens consisting of fast-growing vegetables. The chefs return to the classroom every two weeks for 3.5 months to help the students care for the garden and lead lessons on nutrition, gardening and plant growth, urban agriculture, and healthy food systems. At the end of the program, the chefs help the students harvest their vegetables and teach them to cook delicious healthy meals with the food they’ve grown.