The first fully licensed distillery in the South Okanagan

948 Naramata Road, Penticton, BC

Daily from 11am – 6pm


Pioneers in Craft Distilling since 2005, Maple Leaf Spirits in Penticton offers award winning spirits, fruit brandies and liqueurs, handcrafted from Okanagan fruit, grapes and wine.

Fine fruit brandies are handcrafted in our Craft Distillery in the tradition of our European heritage. Our products are a celebration of aromas from the Okanagan known for the quality of its tree fruit and wine. Master Distiller Jörg Engel crafts clear gluten-free spirits and liqueurs from South Okanagan cherries, pears, apricots, peaches and plums. Canadian Kirsch and Pear Williams are made in the tradition of our ancestors from Southern Germany and an essential part of Swiss Cheese Fondue. Jorg also distills spirits from wine and lees following European traditions of making grappa, tresterbrand or marc.

Maple Leaf Spirits is the oldest licensed distillery in BC in the first owners’ hands. We use exclusively South Okanagan fruit, wine and grapes, no grain. Our signature drink is the Maple Liqueur, a uniquely Canadian product. Enjoy it straight or with dessert, iced, or in tea or coffee.

Master Distiller Jorg just proudly released his fine brandy “Lady of the Cask”, a V.S.O.P. brandy that aged for 6 years in premium French oak barrels. Aging it in fine charred and mellowed oak achieved a golden amber colour, rich butterscotch aromas and extra smooth taste.