Okanagan Select is pleased to offer the highest quality, nutrient dense, local, sustainably trolled or seined wild Okanagan sockeye. Ocean Wise approved, Slow Food recognized, wild Okanagan Sockeye will be available in 419g cans, 114g Maple Smoked packages, and 225g Candied Salmon (frozen).

The proceeds from the sales are reinvestedĀ in the conservation of native fish and aquatic resources in the Columbia Basin.


The Okanagan Nation Alliance is located in the interior of British Columbia.

Our began a devoted effort to re-establish a sustainable population of Okanagan Sockeye Salmon in 2003. The Okanagan Nation Alliance is committed to bringing our salmon back by creating partnerships and by integrating modern science with traditional practices.

Our goal for the future is to protect, enhance, conserve and continue to restore our salmon stocks so that we can have salmon for tomorrow.

Responsible fisheries and quality management are eco-labelled Ocean Wise and independently certified to meet our high standards of Quality, Value and Sustainability.