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Penticton, BC Canada


old-order-logoOur family heritage is one of pioneering Mennonite farmers dating back over seven generations to the earliest tax records for Franz Martens of the Chortitza Colony on the Dnieper River, Southern Russia migrating by way of Belgium, Netherlands and Polish Prussia in the late 1790’s. Besides many Ministers in the Martens family, we also had links to the trade of spices and the distilling industry. Mennonites had a reputation as excellent farmers and got involved in the distillery business because of limited options, as many occupations were closed to them in Royal Prussia, either under pressure from the authorities of the church or the crown. At the time of the partition in 1772 between Austria, Russia, and Prussia, Mennonites were very involved in this industry.

Our decision to open a “farm to glass” craft distillery in the entertainment district of downtown Penticton, rather than on the farm, was a conscious one, in order to preserve as much of our disappearing agricultural farming land as possible for future generations. The fruit and grains distilled at Old Order are grown exclusively on BC farms, like ours.