TC Logo HeaderA producer of premium artisan terroir cheese from Shuswap North Okanagan. Our cheese is GMO free and from our own herd of cows.

At TERROIR CHEESE, we are beyond organics in four ways simply because we follow traditional European milk production and cheesemaking practices:
1.) we only feed our cows 100 per cent GMO-free feed not just 90 per cent like organic;
2.) we only feed local hay to our cows. The idea is to get the local flora into the hay, cow, milk, cheese then into you and me. If you are buying honey, Would you want honey from local bees or imported from another jurisdiction?;
3.) We do not feed our cow any fermented feeds such as corn silage or haylage which causes bitterness in cheese or late gas blowing in aged cheeses;
4.) We limit the amount of grain or concentrates we feed our cows even if its organic grain.