The only true nobility is found in giving good food to your friends.

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roxy-chef-logoThe Chef in Stead believes that eating great food with family and friends is a noble cause and the very basis of family life. Often some of our best childhood memories of growing up are around food -The Sunday morning pancake breakfast with Dad, the Friday night fish sticks, or a Saturday barbecue in the yard roasting a whole lamb or pig with a few neighbors. All these memories are surrounded by food smells and tastes that will always stay vivid in your mind.

Private Chef Martin has been catering in the Okanagan Valley including Kelowna, Big White, Vernon and Penticton since 2004 with 29 years of experience.

Chef Martin Laprise will come to your location of choice and together you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you want to treat your friends to a sumptuous dinner in the comfort of your home or whether you want to host your entire family for a casual BBQ, Chef Martin can do the catering and help you put it all together. However he is much more than a caterer; for dinner parties he cooks all the food fresh at your location while entertaining you and your guests. Everything that Chef Martin offers is far more interactive than a simple dinner at a restaurant – everyone will enjoy learning a few chef secrets and you will love the final price!