3747 Island Hwy S
Courtenay, BC
V9N 9T4

(250) 334-0608

TreeIsland-Logo&Tagline-RGBTree Island Gourmet Yogurt is a small-batch dairy processor specializing in artisan yogurt made from Vancouver Island’s best milk, honey and fruit.

Our family-run business was founded by microbiologist Scott DiGuistini and his wife Merissa Myles, a community economic development specialist. We are both Vancouver Islanders, yogurt lovers and passionately committed to building a strong local food system and sustainable, green economy.

As a couple, we always knew we wanted to work on a natural product business to improve both human and environmental health. Inspiration for Tree Island Gourmet Yogurt came when we witnessed appreciation for the origins of food in France and tasted yogurt that was not industrialy prepared. We LOVE yogurt and knew that Vancouver Island had all the right ingredients for a top quailty, artisan product, but nothing existed, so we decided to create something ourselves.

Scott took his passion for microbiology to the kitchen, making yogurt for friends and family, connected with local farmers and dairy processors, and Tree Island was born.

Our yogurt honors the bountiful landscape we call home. We use ingredients from small, family farms and handcraft each batch using a long, slow cooking method. The result is whole milk yogurt that is true to our roots.

We hope you enjoy it