The 20th Annual Vancouver Island Feast of Fields

Sunday, August 27, 2017

To celebrate FarmFolk CityFolk’s 20th Feast of Fields on Vancouver Island, we are returning to where it all began: Ravenhill Herb Farm. Brea Segger and Todd Howard are the new stewards of Ravenhill. They are using their passion and background in herbal medicine and nutrition to reinvent this 10-acre farm into a living herbal apothecary and diverse edible oasis. Building on the herbal history that Ravenhill is known for, Todd and Brea are using permaculture principles to sustainably intertwine medicine and food.

Ravenhill rests on the southern slope of sacred Mount Newton and is home to centuries-old Douglas firs and towering grand firs. While the land has deep history – it was the site of the first schoolhouse on the Saanich Peninsula and the second Saanich Fair – the terraced herb gardens that it is known for today were established in the 1980s. Brea and Todd have recently added their own touches with a pine nut tree orchard established using keyline farm planning methods; top bar bee hives; goats, ducks and chickens; and a sizeable expansion to food and herb production. They are also working on the development of a large pond and a medicinal and culinary botanical garden. Next year Brea and Todd will link their already already successful college, Pacific Rim College, to Ravenhill with the school’s newest program in Permaculture and Resilient Ecosystems.

Event Photo